December 3, 2022

What Is a Blog and How Can It Benefit My Company?

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If you have spent very much time at all browsing the internet, you have likely seen a variety of blogs. From individuals’ blogging about their lives and families to companies and businesses promoting their products, blogging has become very popular. If you aren’t as familiar with what a blog is and how it can benefit your business, here is a practical guide to get you started!

What Is A Blog?

A blog, for all practical purposes, is a site that is published on the web and made up of posts, usually in chronological order. Blogs can be discussion based, informational, spiritual, or even very personal. Blogs can be authored by one individual or by a group of collaborating bloggers. Blogs began to emerge in the late 1990’s, as access to the internet and innovations in web publishing tools began to grow. Since that time, they have emerged as one of the trendiest outlets for sharing online.

Types of Blogs

Blogs can typically be placed in one of four different categories. They are:

Personal Blog: Similar to an online diary, this type of blog is created by an individual and usually details a segment of their life.

Business Blog: A business blog is one that is created and contributed to as a marketing tool for a company or organization. It will usually attempt to sell a product or service, give information about a company, generate ideas for current customers, announce events or sales, or simply link a target audience together with the business.

Micro Blog: A micro blog can be personal or business related, but is characterized by its limited content. Often micro blogs will often be posted much more frequently than a traditional blog, be only a few lines long, and have a “spontaneous” feel to it.

Reverse Blog: Reverse blogs are all about interaction. They often begin with a topic or question, and then rely on outside contributions for the content. In most reverse blogs, nearly anyone can blog, but there is often a moderator that ensures the content is appropriate.

Blogs for Business

Many businesses have embraced the concept of a blog and had great success with it. While there are many different reasons why a business blog can be beneficial to your company, here are the top four.

Traffic: Every site wants more visitors, and a blog can help you accomplish this. Blogs give you a chance to enhance your search engine optimization by showing new content on a regular basis, having more indexed pages attached to your website, and giving you a place to include valuable keywords throughout blog articles.

Adds Value: Consumers want to know “what’s in it for me” so the more value you can give them, the more they will appreciate you. Many blogs do this by providing quality information on their blog, in subjects that their clients are interested in. For example, a cosmetic company may blog about popular color trends, application techniques, or short tutorials to get a certain “look” using their products.

Answers Questions: Another tactic to blogging for business is to create content that gives answers to frequently asked questions by prospective clients. Maybe you are a company that sells roofing shingles and your blog is used to address topics like “Composite shingles vs. wood shingles” or “How to Select a Shingle Color to Match My Home”. These help a consumer answer questions about your product, saving you time in the long run.

Showcases Your Company: Blogs, even those that may not be directly marketing a product or service, gives you a place to showcase. For example, a design blog, created by a flooring company, may include a recommendation in each entry for the mother company. Visitors that come to learn about “Bathroom Remodel Tips” now have been exposed to your company in a positive way, for their bathroom flooring needs.

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