Custom t-shirts, now-a-days, are the dernier cri in fashion. It makes sense to know about the reasons that have led to the popularity of these cult t-shirts.

Custom t-shirts were first sported by the European soldiers during World War I. These were lightweight, loose, and comfortable t-shirts made of cotton with a logo of the army they represented. The idea caught on with american flag shirts who were soon sporting these cool t-shirts right through the war period and then these were further personalized with certain messages that appealed the youth. Custom t-shirts were then a rage with the youth and considered the wardrobe staple in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Even today, custom t-shirts, (now also known as personalized or promotional t-shirts) are widely worn by kids and adults alike.

Custom t-shirts can feature either a logo or printed words also known as one-liners or slogans. These slogans or words could support a particular political party or can also be environment or earth-friendly messages like ‘Save Water’, ‘Each One, Plant One’, ‘Save the Turtles’ and so on. Some t-shirts could also have funny one-liners, satirical sayings, or even words that appeal to the ‘flower child’ in you. Logo t-shirts normally are promotional t-shirts that carry the brand’s trademark logo and try to build the brand’s image in the minds of people.

Custom t-shirts are increasingly being used by colleges, corporations, retailers, sports teams, civic groups, leagues, school groups and bands. They have become walking billboards and some use it to express their attitude and feelings. These custom t-shirts are sure to get one noticed by drawing attention to the words or the picture.

The recent US presidential elections and the subsequent historical win of Barack Obama have led to many companies producing custom t-shirts that sport pictures of Obama and slogans favoring him. Some of these t-shirts were made before the victory while some were made after the elections. Some of these custom t-shirts have wordings like Vote for America, Vote for Obama, The Man, The myth, The Legend Obama, Yes We Can, and Obama for Change. Other Obama support t-shirts have the picture of Barack Obama over the American flag backdrop while others have his caricature with inspirational sayings like Time For Change and Yes We Did. These t-shirts are a craze with the Americans who feel strongly for their country and the one who will be running it.


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