The Sony PlayStation is one of the most coveted gaming devices currently in existence. The gaming world is enjoying variety a fair share of variety at the moment, with Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Wii competing against the ever popular Sony PlayStation. Last year, Sony upped its game with the PlayStation 3, and gaming enthusiasts fell over each other to be among the first to test the new and improved system. Existing PlayStation fans fell in love all over again, while thousands of PlayStation beginners became instant converts. The Sony PlayStation is not without its detractors, many believe that it pales in comparison to the more interactive Wii, while some Xbox fans refuse to be swayed from their belief that Microsoft rules. With record breaking sales, however, and demand frequently outpacing supply, PlayStation is not terribly worried about losing its place in avid gamers’ hearts.

And now it seems that PlayStation is upping its game again. It was recently announced that gamers would soon be able to purchase movies on a psvr trade in value and then move them over to a PlayStation Portable. The announcement left many in the gaming industry wondering if Sony would follow the move up with increased storage capabilities for the Portable device, so that users would be able to save any movies transferred from their PlayStation 3. They were not disappointed, as Jack Tretton, CEO for Sony Computer Entertainment America says that the company has considered installing a hard drive on forthcoming PlayStation Portable devices.

Officially PlayStation has yet to announce the impending arrival of any internal storage solutions, but Tretton says that it is “increasingly likely” that the new PlayStation Portable will include “some sort of internal storage option”. According to popular gaming web site Kotaku, Tretton says that Sony has “thought about” installing a hard drive in the new Portable system. Apparently Tretton believes that it is the “trend moving forward”.

Tretton also believes that the new technology and the drive toward digitally distributed movies are likely to be the death knell for Sony’s ailing UMD (Universal Media Disc). According to Tretton, it’s an understatement to say that the UMD has struggled. He believes that the primary reason for their distinct lack of success has to do with the fact that they weren’t marketed in a sufficiently compelling and dynamic manner. Tretton also believes that their quality had a lot to answer for. According to Tretton, “Digital distributed movies are either going to supplement the UMD movie’s struggle, or the the stake in UMD’s heart.”


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