Brick driveways can add more charm and elegance to your home, compared to a cement or tar paved entrance. Bricks come in a wide range of colors and patterns that look good on driveways. For this reason, it is easy to find the ones that suit your house best after making some considerations. Before anything else,how much is resin driveways? you have to be sure that you really want a brick driveway, so the cost will be worth it.

Bricks or pavers that are used in creating driveways are hand set, so the cost of labor is higher than the paved alternative. However, a beautiful brick driveway can make your home look more appealing, adding more value, which prospective buyers will find attractive. It is important to note that the bricks’ color, style and pattern should match the exterior and the landscaping of your home.

Have a look at the exterior of your home, such as the walkways and part of the yard that connects to your driveway. You may consider having the entrance to your front door and walkways covered with the same brick that you have chosen for your driveway. In case you change your mind and choose another material, the patterns and colors of these parts should coordinate with those of your driveway. The whole exterior of your home should be in harmony, and not look like a disorganized home makeover project.

Once you have inspected the exterior parts of your home, and you have written a few notes, you can begin to search the different options for the brick driveway, online or at the shops. Get pictures, including details, of the pavers you prefer. Cut down your options by removing those that will not look good on your driveway. You also have to consider a vehicle’s load capacity and other particularities.

There are several cases when a brick driveway with a herring bone pattern can maintain an even surface, making it best for vehicle pressure. Pavers are positioned in rows, from one end to another. Basket weave or diamond patterns may also be a good consideration. To know the brick and pattern that is best, seek an expert’s advice.

When you have chosen the brick and pattern, you should keep all available color choices in mind. Bricks usually come in red, tan, pink and purple. Choose the color that matches the paint color of your home and the details of your home’s architectural design, like the lamppost, mailbox hardware and metal door.

If you plan on using pavers to surround your swimming pool, you have to think about the brick’s heat retaining properties. Bricks will not be the best choice in a hot climate, since there is a tendency for the sun to make the surface uncomfortable for walking barefoot. However, a paver trim that surrounds the pool and matches your brick driveway can give a striking contrast to the deck. Moreover, brick pavers look great in landscaping, on a garden path and around the water fountain.


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